Why is ‘Orange is the New Black’ so overrated?

I can see how this latest Netflix phenomenon has gripped an audience made up of many different types of people from lesbians to straight men looking for a high. The show attracts many people for mostly the wrong reasons, comedy and mild-lesbian sex. I do not see the appeal of this show whatsoever, the storyline is unclear if you could even call it a storyline. A woman carrying drug money and then surrendering herself could have been made a lot more dramatic than a lacking portrayal of the life inside America’s women’s prison system.

Even though the show gave a story to the imprisonment of each character, it was a completely irrelevant story which didn’t contribute to the main storyline at all. The character of Alex I also feel was miscast as she just seems misplaced in the prison environment and they could have made her a much more intensively ‘butcher’ character. Jason Biggs also plays another one of his cliché roles in Orange is the New Black which just makes the comedy even more dire.

All-together I personally cannot watch Orange is the New Black as I don’t think it gives a realistic representation to the female US prison system and instead grips onto a purely lesbian-orientated and sexual approach to the show. This is why I believe that Orange is the New Black is overrated with it at the beginning having the prospect of an interesting show, however the plot has been let down a lot.

All for now,

The Reviewer.


2 thoughts on “Why is ‘Orange is the New Black’ so overrated?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. This show “Orange is the New Black” has to be one of the worst shows on. It definitely is on the list of the worst shows. The storyline is weak/boring & not really a storyline/backstory, Jason Biggs is his typical boring self, character development leaves much to be desired, & the obvious other garbage in the show. I can’t understand why it was renewed & is still going. Someone must have secure connections within the industry or some type of agenda to push. Whatever it be thank you for writing this honest critique to confirm what a true piece of garbage this show is.

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