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(this post was updated 07/02/16)

Way back on the 7th May 2013, I ordered a cracked iPhone 4S phone case from Finding the company on Instagram, as my 2013 mild-hipster self did far too often, I eventually paid $23, which was roughly about £17 at the time of conversion. The price also included the $5 postage, of which I value as incredibly reasonable with future issues seen in purchasing items from the USA to be shipped to the UK.

However, what is not reasonable is the wear and tear it accumulated. Now in three years, this would be somewhat expected but in the space of just a few months, it’s rather concerning with the price that was paid.

As this picture clearly shows, the scratching became quite extensive which eventually resulted in me taking the case off. This was disappointing considering the timescale of just a few months but to note, it wasn’t entirely damaged.


Originally disillusioned with the prospect of Shopjeen being anything but a great company, there were many occasions which proved otherwise. After trying to contact them about customer complaints via Instagram, obviously an immature and the wrong move in hindsight, I was eventually shut off and blanked by them.

With feedback suggesting Shopjeen’s unethical trading, I’m not surprised looking back. I have seen no entirely positive responses from customers since June 2013 and in such a view, I wouldn’t purchase a product from them again; even if I felt the desire to.

For those who read this post and have purchased products from the website that have not been delivered, I’d advise you to seek legal assistance. In no circumstance should such a company gain from such immoral and illegal means.

My experience with Shopjeen as a consumer though was positive, my order was delivered within nine days from USPS and the order was correct even with my now negative perception. In retrospect, Shopjeen proposed an ideal fit for what I wanted, which I then received although it’s obvious that not all have experienced such.

I hope that those who have seen a detrimental financial impact from Shopjeen have found a solution and when in doubt, don’t purchase.

Thank you,

The Reviewer.




23 thoughts on “Shopjeen Review!

  1. It definitely seems dodgy. Their Facebook wall is full of comments about money being taken from the customer with no product. A lot of people seem to be in the same boat given the “likes” on the comments. I ordered a bracelet after reading this review on May 26. Contact from them has been minimal, no shipping/tracking info, and no bracelet. I’ll post back when the conflict is resolved.

    1. I think I also got scammed, had a order with 2 items, one worth 8$ and the other worth 30$, and what do you know, they only send the cheap item stating that I only had ordered the 8$ item and not the more expensive one, they won’t answer me and don’t even have a number to call, bunch of scammers.

      1. The same exact thing happened to me! I had to file a report to My state Attorney General. Please do this and tell your story so we can have shop jeen banned. Thoes people stold our fucking money.

  2. Hi I’m sorry to hear your bracelet hasn’t come to you yet. I’ve too heard a lot of stories of people who haven’t received their purchases. Again, I myself have tried to make contact to Shopjeen where I received no answer to my query. I would love to know how you get on and sorry this didn’t work out for you.. All the best.

    1. Still no bracelet. I contacted BBB who contacted them and apparently there was no reply. They did email me shortly after I filed saying they lost the package and promised a refund. It hasn’t happened yet and we’re into August now. I’ve noticed a few complaints on their Facebook page have been deleted so let’s hope people dig deeper before losing their money.

      1. Oh, this isn’t good. I’m sorry to have recommended a site like this now.. In my experience Shopjeen worked well! I’ve mostly heard that Shopjeen does better on international than it actually does in national packing.. If you don’t mind what kind of card did you use? I used credit for my purchase! Again, sorry to hear.

      2. I used PayPal. They strung me along past the 60 days to open up a dispute so that was my own fault – not making that mistake again. I went through Better Business Bureau to get a refund after 2.5 months of emailing them. I think they realized I wasn’t going to go quietly even though they deleted a ton of my Facebook posts that indicated there was a problem. Their target audience is young and most young people don’t know how to protect themselves against fraud.

      3. I am starting to have serious doubts of the credibility of this company, also they did run an Instagram competition which I have now seen nothing of? I am sure this is a scam, and I don’t advise anybody to use their service unless they buy in person. They are trying to con younger people in my view too.

  3. I also have a problem with shopjeen I payed over 600$ ! It’s been a month now I didn’t reseve anything and they email me that am being flagged for fraud ! How am suppose to do with this setuation .. 😦

    1. Hi Maram.. I’m sorry to hear this.. I’d suggest contacting Shopjeen directly and maybe a Trading Standards Agency who can advise you in this situation. I’m so sorry again to hear your Shopjeen experience didn’t work out.. Is it okay if I ask whether you used a credit or debit card? I’ll be putting a notice up on this review-.-

    2. Talk to your bank ASAP and get them to reverse the charge. Time is of the essence unfortunately but your method of payment is key in figuring out how to proceed. This company is ridiculous and not enough people have the means to speak out about it so more people get scammed.

  4. this company is awful!! I have been trying to get a refund for something that I got and emailed them within 5 minutes of getting the package. They have no phones listed on their site but I was able to get 2 numbers from info and guess what??? no one answers them! good luck- 212-600-5742 and 212-600-1679. they do manage to delete facebook complaints so we KNOW they are reading them! This company is the PITS!

  5. Wowwwww. I ordered stuff from them and they claimed they had an issue with my credit although they had my funds. I told them to cancel the order and they are refusing to reply to me! I’m not letting this go down that easily.

  6. I recently discovered this store and fell in love with all the cool products, but after reading this I’m scared to order anything. I also had a questions, I’m really skinny, at least a 0 or 00 in jeans and I want to know if I buy a dress, will it be too big? It looks slim but I have no idea, help!

    1. i would advise you not to even order from this website they take your money and send you the wrong items then they don’t respond to you after you return the wrong item to get what you really ordered they are a complete scam. Go somewhere else for your dress that is my advise.

  7. I ordered $80 worth of clothes in October 2014. They sent the wrong item and after months of trying to get an RA# they finally sent it to me. I returned the merchandise and requested the correct item be shipped. I’ve yet to get the correct item. They never respond to my emails. The 2 numbers I found online do not work. What a crappy company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

  8. i also got ripped off from i ordered iggy boots for my 15 year old daughter and instead received a black dress that stunk like cat piss so i emailed them back and they sent me the return address along with the RA # so i shipped it back and with the tracking number i found out they received it on jan. 15th It is now jan 26th 2015. . They said as soon as they receive the dress back i would get a store credit so i figured ok so i can order the boots again no response since then i even emailed them back a few times ,so now i am out 6 more dollars that i had to pay to ship the stinky dress back to them which makes it a total of 63 dollars that they ripped me off of. So i advise no one to order from this website, Beware people is a ripoff.

  9. I ordered from ShopJeen many times and gotten my order on time but the reason for that is that I don’t buy when there are sales (but I do use discount codes) if you buy it on sale then their will be some over selling problems and it does take a long time to restock a store like that. If you want a cool sweatshirt I would tell you to go to ALSO for ShopJeen I would buy one at a time and not in bulk.

  10. My experience with Shop Jeen was absolutely HORRIBLE. They have horrible customer service. I wanted to return an item so I followed the steps on their website. I reached out to them via email and provided all the required info. I got a response. I responded to that email requesting a return label (the site says they’d provide one). No one responded. I emailed them again a week later requesting the same thing urging them to respond quickly noting that I didn’t want the 30 day deadline to approach and I get stuck with store credit. No one responded. I ended up shipping the item to them on my dime. They received it. Two weeks went by, no one ever notified me to let me know they’d received the item. No “Hey we received your return, please allow however many days for the funds to be processed…” email. Nope. Nothing. Never responded to me, never refunded me. Just left me hanging. They held on to my item for 15 days and said nothing. I was left with no choice but to dispute the transaction. Terribly inconvenient. I will never shop there again.

  11. Love the products on Shop Jeen, but I’ll never order anything from them again. I placed an order on June 29. In the confirmation email they said that they’d send my tracking info within 5 business days. I waited patiently for about 3 weeks, and then sent them an email letting them know that I never got my tracking number. Today, July 29, I just got that email with my tracking info, which shows that my order is still in NY and the shipment label was just created today around 11am. Sounds like they don’t need to be looking for new models to hire but actual staff.

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