Why is ‘Orange is the New Black’ so overrated?

I can see how this latest Netflix phenomenon has gripped an audience made up of many different types of people from lesbians to straight men looking for a high. The show attracts many people for mostly the wrong reasons, comedy and mild-lesbian sex. I do not see the appeal of this show whatsoever, the storyline is unclear if you could even call it a storyline. A woman carrying drug money and then surrendering herself could have been made a lot more dramatic than a lacking portrayal of the life inside America’s women’s prison system.

Even though the show gave a story to the imprisonment of each character, it was a completely irrelevant story which didn’t contribute to the main storyline at all. The character of Alex I also feel was miscast as she just seems misplaced in the prison environment and they could have made her a much more intensively ‘butcher’ character. Jason Biggs also plays another one of his cliché roles in Orange is the New Black which just makes the comedy even more dire.

All-together I personally cannot watch Orange is the New Black as I don’t think it gives a realistic representation to the female US prison system and instead grips onto a purely lesbian-orientated and sexual approach to the show. This is why I believe that Orange is the New Black is overrated with it at the beginning having the prospect of an interesting show, however the plot has been let down a lot.

All for now,

The Reviewer.


Shopjeen Review!


(this post was updated 07/02/16)

Way back on the 7th May 2013, I ordered a cracked iPhone 4S phone case from Shopjeen.com. Finding the company on Instagram, as my 2013 mild-hipster self did far too often, I eventually paid $23, which was roughly about £17 at the time of conversion. The price also included the $5 postage, of which I value as incredibly reasonable with future issues seen in purchasing items from the USA to be shipped to the UK.

However, what is not reasonable is the wear and tear it accumulated. Now in three years, this would be somewhat expected but in the space of just a few months, it’s rather concerning with the price that was paid.

As this picture clearly shows, the scratching became quite extensive which eventually resulted in me taking the case off. This was disappointing considering the timescale of just a few months but to note, it wasn’t entirely damaged.


Originally disillusioned with the prospect of Shopjeen being anything but a great company, there were many occasions which proved otherwise. After trying to contact them about customer complaints via Instagram, obviously an immature and the wrong move in hindsight, I was eventually shut off and blanked by them.

With feedback suggesting Shopjeen’s unethical trading, I’m not surprised looking back. I have seen no entirely positive responses from customers since June 2013 and in such a view, I wouldn’t purchase a product from them again; even if I felt the desire to.

For those who read this post and have purchased products from the website that have not been delivered, I’d advise you to seek legal assistance. In no circumstance should such a company gain from such immoral and illegal means.

My experience with Shopjeen as a consumer though was positive, my order was delivered within nine days from USPS and the order was correct even with my now negative perception. In retrospect, Shopjeen proposed an ideal fit for what I wanted, which I then received although it’s obvious that not all have experienced such.

I hope that those who have seen a detrimental financial impact from Shopjeen have found a solution and when in doubt, don’t purchase.

Thank you,

The Reviewer.